Monday, June 22, 2009

Gest Forum

The John B. Gest Forum In the early 1960’s, the Society sponsored presentations on a monthly basis pertaining to the important religious, ethical, and moral issues of the day. The events were organized by John B. Gest, a former president of the Society who spent a substantial amount of his time on the affairs of the Society and other charitable activities. The Board of Governors re-established a yearly lecture forum in the mid-1970’s and named the annual event in honor of John B. Gest, who had placed great emphasis on luncheon discussions of an intellectual nature. With the exception of 1985 and 2001, when the demands of private practice of law precluded its scheduling, the Gest Forum has been an annual event. Traditionally, attorneys who attend the Gest Forum receive one CLE credit in Ethics. Past Gest Forum speakers and their topics are listed below. John B. Gest Forum Speakers and Topics 2009 - Rev. William J. Byron, S.J., “Reflections on Organizational Ethics in the New Corporate Culture.” 2008 - Rev. George W. Rutler, "Public Law and Private Conscience.” 2007 - Robert P. George, J.D., D. Phil., “The Bioethics of Embryonic Stem Cell Research” 2006 - Rev. Richard John Neuhas, Editor-in-Chief of First Things, “Higher and Lowers Laws – and the Lawyers in Between.” 2005 - Mark A. Sargent, Dean of Villanova Law School, “What it means to be a Catholic Law School.” Archbishop John P. Foley, President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, “The Death of Pope John Paul II and the Election of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI” 2004 - Robert K. Vischer, J.D., Assistant Professor, St. John's University School of Law, “Can a Good Lawyer be a Good Catholic (and Still Make a Living)?” 2003 - George Weigel, Senior Fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, biographer of Pope John Paul II, “Christian and Political Participation: Testing the Boundaries – Legall, Moral and Ethical Issues.” 2002 - Fr. Canice Connors, OFM Conv., Provincial of the Conventual Franciscan Fathers, “The Church in Crisis – Legal,, Moral & Ethical Issues.” 2000 - Reverend J. Bryan Hehir, Speaker 1999 - Archbishop Francois-Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan, Titular Archbishop of Vadesi, “Human Rights.” 1997 - John Bookser Feiser, “The Legacy of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin.” 1996 - Rev. George W. Rutler, “Legislating Morality.” 1995 - Sister Mary Jean Audette, SUSC, “The Civil Law Challenges to Not-For-Profit Corporations Governed by Canon Law.” 1994 - Dr. John Haas, “The Splendor of Truth: A Journey of Conscience in Freedom and Truth, not Freedom or Truth.” 1993 - Rev. Donald Clifford, S.J., “Jews and Christians: A Concrete Experience.” 1992 - Archpriest Mark Shinn, “How the Christian Churches Survived Under Communism in the Former Soviet Union.” 1991 - Professor Walter J. Wadlington, “Deciding About Children's Medical Care: Tensions Between Patients, Parents and the State.” 1990 - Professor G. Robert Blakey , “RICO Reform: Mother of Mercy, Is this the End of RICO?” 1989 - Professor Douglas W. Kmiec, “Judicial Selection and the Pursuit of Justice – Observations on Questions Judges May Take a Lifetime to Answer.” 1988 - Professor Charles E. Rice, “Private Conscience and Public Responsibility.” 1987 - Professor Paul C. Vitz, Ph.D., “Textbooks and Public Education -- The Broad Implications of the Alabama and Tennessee Textbooks Cases.” 1986 - Dr. Edward Viner, M. Mark Mendell, and Professor William Werpehowski, “Death & Dying – The Legal Aspects.” 1984 - Dean Richard G. Huber, “How Does the Message of the Separation of Church and State Affect the Implementation of Religious Values in our Society?” 1983 - Dean Willard O'Brien, “Judges, Jurisprudence and Justice: An Umpire is Neutral, A Judge is a Player.” 1982 - Honorable John J. Gibbons and Craig Stern, “Of Abortion, Busing and Other Controversies: Should Congress Be Able To Limit Judicial Jurisdiction If It Thinks The Supreme Court Is Wrong” 1981 - Judge Edward B. Rosenberg, Professor William D. Valente, “Law, Morals and the Family.” 1980 - Judge Joseph F. Weis, Jr., Professor Paul Bender, “What Do You Do When the Supreme Court is Wrong?” 1978 - Jonathan L. Goldstein, Perry S. Bechtle, Peter J. Liacouras, and Leonard P. Garry, C.P.C.V., “The Criminal, Disciplinary and Liability Pitfalls of Unethical Legal Practice.”