Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Saint Thomas More Award

The Saint Thomas More Award is presented by the Society annually to a member of the legal profession whose accomplishments in some way represent the principles and ideals of St. Thomas More. The inscription on the award reads as follows:
St. Thomas More. Attorney - Public Servant - Jurist - Scholar - Teacher. A practitioner of his Catholic religion, he combined an intense concern for the problems of his day with a personal moral commitment. And he placed obedience to his conscience over blind obedience to governmental authority. Presented by the St. Thomas More Society of Philadelphia in recognition of traits held by St. Thomas More.
SAINT THOMAS MORE AWARD RECIPIENTS 2009 - Father Thomas M. Betz, Esq., OFM Cap. 2008 - Honorable Robert P. Casey, Jr. United States Senator; pro-life advocate. 2007 - Honorable Antonin Scalia, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. 2006 - Mark A. Sargent. Dean of Villanova Law School, active in Catholic legal community. 2005 - C. Clark Hodgson, Jr. Civil trial lawyer, recipient of Papal honors. 2004 - Gerard J. St. John. Civil trial lawyer, past president of the Saint Thomas More Society. 2003 - Honorable Anthony J. Scirica. Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. 2002 - Rev. Mr. Clement J. McGovern, Jr. Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Delaware County; permanent deacon. 2001 - John J. Cahill, Jr. Estates lawyer; past president and long time member of the Saint Thomas More Society; Board member: Calcutta House. 2000 - Mary DeFusco. Public Defender; also active in several Catholic lay groups. 1999 - Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua. Archbishop of Philadelphia; a graduate of St. John’s Law School; active in immigration law. 1998 - Honorable Rick Santorum. United States Senator. 1997 - Frank P. Cervone. Executive Director, Support Center for Child Advocates. 1996 - James A. Strazzella. Professor of Law, Temple University School of Law; former president, St. Thomas More Society. 1995 - J. Willard O’Brien. Dean of Villanova Law School; Professor of Law. 1994 - John Rogers Carroll. Criminal trial lawyer; founding member of Lawyers Helping Lawyers and other organizations addressing problems of alcohol and drug abuse. 1993 - Honorable Lisa Aversa Richette. Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia; active in charitable activities focused on the needs of homeless women; author regarding juvenile justice. 1992 - Honorable Robert P. Casey. Governor of Pennsylvania; outspoken pro-life advocate. 1991 - William Bentley Ball. Appellate lawyer well known for his participation in landmark religious rights cases in the Supreme Court of the United States, first executive director and general counsel of the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference, former professor of law at Villanova Law School, recipient of Papal honors. 1990 - Honorable Genevieve Blatt. Judge of the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania; the first woman to win a statewide election for judicial office in Pennsylvania and, prior to that election was the first woman to win statewide election for any governmental office, a member of the Board of Managers for the 41st Eucharistic Congress (1976), recipient of Papal honors. 1989 - Thomas M. Schubert. A lawyer in general practice who represented and assisted many Catholic religious organizations. 1988 - Harold Gill Reuschlein. Founding Dean, Villanova Law School, recipient of Papal honors. 1987 - Bro. Bartholomew A. Sheehan, S.J. Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey; member, New Jersey Assembly; general counsel, Camden Trust Company; President, Camden County Bar Association; Jesuit Lay Brother, recipient of Papal honors. 1986 - Honorable Carol Los Mansmann. Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. 1985 - William D. Valente. Professor of Law, Villanova Law School; active in Catholic legal community. 1984 - James L. J. Pie’. First Deputy City Solicitor; identified with many Catholic causes and organizations. 1983 - Honorable Armand Della Porta. Judge, Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia, Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania; advocate for Philadelphia Catholic Schools, recipient of Papal honors. 1982 - John R. McConnell. Trial lawyer who handled primarily defense matters in civil cases; adjunct professor of trial techniques, Temple University School of Law; Chancellor, Philadelphia Bar Association.